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Puryear Debt Consolidation

In average American households, several debts are normally racked up. There are monthly payments for rent/mortgage, auto loans, credit card debts, and even student loans and medical bills. If you don’t manage these debts properly, you may miss payments and increase your debts with late fees and accumulated interest.debt consolidation

The good news is, there are things you can do to better handle your debt payments. One of these is through making use of Puryear debt consolidation with the help of our debt specialists at Optimal Debt Solutions!

Consolidating your debts will allow you to utilize a new larger loan or a credit card to pay off all your existing creditors. Your new lender may pay your other creditors themselves, or they would disburse the money to you, and you’ll make the actual payments.

If you want to know more about how debt consolidation works and determine if it suits your situation, talk to our debt management experts today!

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Money Management With Debt Consolidation

Making monthly payments to multiple creditors while keeping track of the individual debt balances and interest rates can quickly become overwhelming. Financial management already needs careful assessment even without debts factored in, and once they are, the whole ordeal becomes more tricky.piling up debt

With several creditors to pay, it is highly possible for you to miss some payments and incur some penalties. That is why for an easier way of keeping your debt payments updated, Puryear, TN debt consolidation can be utilized.

A debt consolidation loan and balance-transfer credit cards are two primary ways of consolidating debts. Secured loans are also offered by other institutions for debt consolidation, requiring collateral such as houses and vehicles from debtors. 

If you, unfortunately, have a bad credit score or at least have a fair one, a debt consolidation loan will be available for you. However, you won’t likely get a low-interest rate, unlike with those who have good credit scores.

On the other hand, those with excellent credit scores (690 or higher) can use a new credit card to which all their other balances will be transferred. The new card will have 0% interest, but you have to pay the balance in full during the set promotional period.

Whichever way you choose, debt consolidation will make it easier for you to manage your finances with a single monthly bill. You can focus on making one payment and tracking one balance and interest. More importantly, you have a chance to pay a lower monthly bill with an overall lower interest rate.

Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation

Debt settlement and debt consolidation are commonly considered by lots of creditors in hopes of alleviating their financial crisis. Each option has a different set of benefits and drawbacks, some of them discussed below.debt reduction examples

Debt settlement is a debt relief option that could substantially reduce your overall debt. Debtors under immense financial trouble and couldn’t pay their debts in full could utilize this option. If the creditors accept the debt settlement, the agreed amount (which is less than what was originally owed) will be paid in a lump sum or through installments.

On the downside, your credit score will be negatively affected by debt settlement. It will influence all your future applications for loans, credit cards, and jobs.

Debt consolidation, however, is the act of combining all your debts into one new loan or credit card. This is helpful for more efficient debt management and, if the situation allows, for having a lower interest rate to worry about.

Debt consolidation allows you to make a single monthly payment to satisfy your debts. But although it may give you a lower monthly bill, it won’t reduce your actual debt in any way.

For more information about our Puryear debt consolidation assistance and to determine if it is the right course for you, talk to our credit management experts today!

Take Control of Your Finances

Before you consider filing for bankruptcy or end up wallowing in regret and worry, ask for help to regain control of your finances. You can begin the process by working with experienced debt specialists at Optimal Debt Solutions.Debt Settlement Experts

We recommend debt consolidation for debtors who need help sticking to their payment plans. It is a good way to consistently pay off all your debts without having to think about multiple payments and various interest rates.

We will even assist you in applying for a debt consolidation loan or credit card. This way, you have a better chance at securing a lower interest and more feasible payment terms. 

However, if debt consolidation is found to be not the most appropriate for your case after our in-depth evaluation, we have other debt relief options that could help. We can provide you with debt settlement assistance or credit counseling. Whichever suits you best, we guarantee a service that will speed up your goal of being debt-free!

Puryear Debt Settlement Company

Puryear Debt Consolidation optimal logoThere is nothing wrong with having debts to get your needs and make your life comfortable. There is, however, a dire need to effectively manage your finances in order to prevent your debts from dragging you down to bankruptcy with ruined credit history.

If you find yourself having difficulties paying your debt in full, contact Optimal Debt Solutions. Our debt specialists have all the skills and experience necessary to help reduce your liabilities and guide you in completing your debt payments.

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